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About Us

Seraya Partners is an independent private equity firm investing in Next Generation Infrastructure

Mid-Market Sector Specialists

Mid-market infrastructure consistently produces attractive returns due to limited competition. As sector specialists, we generate proprietary high entry barrier investment opportunities leveraging our inhouse value creation and engineering teams.

Wind Turbine Engineers
Architects at Construction Site

We are Builders

We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs and teams to build next-generation platforms. Our platforms are uniquely positioned to be ahead of competition and set out to be market champions. They are highly differentiated businesses with sustainable entry barriers and unique business models.  

Energy Transition & Digital Infrastructure

In the post-covid era, the fastest growing infrastructure sectors are Energy Transition and Digital Infrastructure. Strong underlying fundamental demand drives the need for next generation infrastructure.  A new investment paradigm awaits us.

Image by Kat Closon

The Seraya Tree

Believed to be the tallest tree in Singapore with a height reaching 60m and 150 years old.

Shorea curtisii (also called the Seraya tree and along with some other species in the genus Shorea, dark red meranti) is a species of tree in the family Dipterocarpaceae.


It is native to Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Seraya trees are large with a grey or reddish-brown and coarsely fissured trunk; and a greyish-blue crown. It fruits every 5–10 years, after prolonged periods of drought.

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