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Investment Strategy


Mid Market Asia Infrastructure

Our primary market focus is mid-market Asia infrastructure. This segment is rich in deal flow and supported by strong fundamental demand growth.  Our target sectors are technology enabled or disrupted sectors, which we define as Next Generation Infrastructure. Examples would be Digital Infrastructure and Energy Transition sectors that are vital to the growth and transformation of our economy and society. 


Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure is the foundation of digital economy. It enables connectivity that we enjoy and now depend on especially during the COVID pandemic. Digital assets include data centers, cell sites and towers, terrestrial fiber networks and subsea fiber cable. The digitization of our lives, businesses, and economy means that digital infrastructure is now a must-have, a fourth utility--after water, electricity and gas. 


Energy Transition

Energy Transition describes the unstoppable trend in moving away from traditional dependency on fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) to clean renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydropower. This massive disruption of status quo creates permanent and structural change to energy prices, supply and demand, energy mix,  regulations, and investment opportunities.  Related to renewable energy is the mass introduction of electrified transportation. Combined with increasing efficiency of batteries,  consumers and businesses find it increasingly attractive to transition to electric transportation.


Sector & Region Specialists

As Sector Specialists, we create platforms in partnership with best-in-class managers to build and operate world class Digital Infrastructure and Energy Transition projects.  As Regional Specialists, we leverage our deep and trusted local networks to generates proprietary investment ideas and partnerships.  We combine inhouse sector and market expertise to invest in highly attractive Next Generation Infrastructure opportunities in Asia.

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